Detailed Analysis of 2019 PMP Examination Content Outline


PMP Examination Content Outline (ECO) Comparison


New terminology and concepts in 2019 ECO

These concepts are new, and cannot be found in the 2015 ECO.


Tasks removed based on 2015 Examination Content Outline

The 2019 ECO has no reference to the main concepts described in these tasks:


New 2019 PMP ECO concepts in PMBOK6

Many of the new concepts are mentioned or referred to in PMBOK6 and/or the Agile Practice Guide.

Following is a listing of the best matching descriptions.


Discussion of items that cannot be found in PMBOK6

Empowerment of Stakeholders: All references in above table are about empowering Team Members … but so are the enablers mentioned in the 2019 PMP ECO.

Shared Understanding: There are various mentions of common/mutual understanding in PMBOK. Shared Understanding is only mentioned in The Standard for Project Management (p.562), in the context of success criteria during initiating. The enablers mentioned in the 2019 PMP ECO are related to consensus building after misunderstanding.

Urgency Required to Deliver Business Value: The enablers clearly indicate that this is related to selecting the right project life cycle and development cycle, which is explained in Project and Development Life Cycles (p.18-19). However, the word Urgency is not used in this context.

Project Governance Structure: Although the term is used in PMBOK, the fact that this is a task in the ECO makes it the responsibility of the project manager.

Project Continuity: The enablers relate continuity to knowledge transfer within the project team.


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